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Many have asked what is mandate of our pool. In a nutshell it was created for the DJ to get and have access to all Caribbean music with a focus on Soca and Reggae. In the past quite a few good songs may have been heard once by a DJ but there was no avenue to search for a high quality version of the song and to properly distribute it. This has stifled the music in our opinion. We provide you with access to the quality and an advanced search database to get what you are looking for!

For example do you know who Brother B from Carricou is? Do you know Tian Winter from Antigua...what about Chan Dizzy? Well everyone knows Machel, but did you get the Bend Over Road Mix? All of these artists have great songs that we will have in our pool as well as remixes and road mixes produced by your fellow DJs and producers.

We hope that this will help push the music and create more awareness and accessibility to our fellow professionals.

Please NOTE we stress on our Professionals. We stress on this because our intent is to drive the regular consumer to the proper channels to purchase the music whether it be to labels, artist sites or a soon to be announced public site to properly purchase the material.

April 2011: Caribbean Music Pool site launch


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